Channeled Healing Series Volume 2 - Digital Download

Channeled Healing Series Volume 2 - Digital Download

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“These were recorded during channeled healing events in which I channeled healing energy to the audience. Group healings centering around the theme of the titles took place during the channelings. This flow of healing energy comes through as you play them. By opening to this flow of healing energy, you can also receive it. Marjorie’s beautiful channeled harp and the channeled words from my guide Heyoan will help you open into the great depths of your soul for personal healing.

“Although the titles may not appear to be connected, there is a definite progression to the body of work that Heyoan is teaching in this Channeled Healing series. He teaches by lifting you into the actual experience of what he is teaching, while he is teaching it. The words are, in most cases, rather simple, yet they profoundly touch the Core of your being, when presented with the channeled healing energy and the uplifting harp strings. This is holographic transformation and healing. I offer them to you with all my heart and faith in your ability to heal.”
Barbara Brennan

In Channeled Healings, Volume Two, Heyoan takes you into a new understanding of your basic human needs and explains how they are connected to your sacred spiritual longing that leads you through your life. He explains how your wound is connected to your life’s purpose and how healing it releases your creativity and helps you reconnect to our sacred Mother Earth. Heyoan then declares his Spiritual Mandate for a New World.

Playlist includes:

Great Exectations, Basic Needs - 22:36 mins

Personal and Spiritual Needs - 23:25 mins

Your Wound Leads You to Your Task - 26:31 mins

Healing and Creativity - 21:11 mins

Mystery of the Mother - 24:02 mins

Spiritual Mandate for a New World - 24:06 mins