Guided Visualization Series Volume 1 - Digital Download

Guided Visualization Series Volume 1 - Digital Download

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Tracks 1 & 2 – Two Chakra Tone meditations, with voice and harp, will charge and clear your energy field. This is a great way to start your day! It is also ideal for use before, during or after exercising.

Tracks 3 & 4 – After describing the anatomy and function of the human energy field, Barbara takes you on a powerful journey of self-healing through your physical body and your energy fields – excellent for self-healing at any time.

Track 5 – With a broader explanation of what memories are, Barbara’s guide Heyoan guides you to clear your past, release your creative pleasure force, and expand your self-experience. This guided visualization is perfect for evening reflections.

Playlist includes:

Chakra Tones for a New World - 33:46 mins
Original Chakra Tones - 29:53 mins
Lecture: Anatomy of the HEF - 43:03 mins
Traveling Through the Body - 43:52 mins
Universal Memories - 17:26 mins